Our fundamental objective in all transactions is wealth creation.  We supply this value added through the adaptation or modification of real estate assets, whether it be through modernization projects, change of use/ redistribution of available space, or through a repositioning of the asset within the current market in order to improve the financial return that can be achieved.


Clearwater´s transactional business includes two product lines:

  • Asset Sales:

Clearwater acquires the property from the seller, adds value and then sells the asset to a third party. The time frame from start to finish for this type of operation is generally between 6 and 18 months.  

  • Project Management

After securing a firm purchase option on the property, Clearwater designs a detailed business plan to transform the property though our value added methodology and sells the package to a third party. The property improvements and modifications may be carried out by Clearwater or outsourced, depending on the preferences of the buyer. The typical time from origin to completion of this type of transactions is 3 to 9 months, varying according to the size and complexity of the project. 

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CW has closed a series of agreements with leading hotel and health care operators to serve as their investment arm in Spain and Portugal.  

After a sufficient period of time has elapsed, a decision is made as to the benefits of disinvestment of the particular assets to a third party, or holding the asset in Clearwater´s portfolio to be included in a later package deal sale of similar assets.

With this business model CW achieves not only a continuous flow of new deal originations, but also recurrent business that provides for returns superior to those offered in the marketplace with near zero risk for investors due to first mortgage guarantees at low LTVs. 

A final business area is the management of properties currently in the CW portfolio as well as properties that form part of the patrimonial holdings of our partners and their families. 

The Clearwater Advantage

  • Highly profitable, proven business model operating in a liquid market, backed by first mortgage guarantees.

  • Deep understanding of the Iberian market and its key underlying demand factors.

  • Highly experienced team of professionals who have successfully demonstrated real estate based wealth creation in all segments of the Iberian Market.   

  • Well established credit lines and spotless reputation in the marketplace.

  • An unrivalled network of agents throughout Spain and Portugal that provides a constant flow of “off market” opportunities. 

  • Agile decision making process to facilitate taking advantage of time sensitive opportunities.