Off Market Real Estate

Building on many years of productive relations between Clearwater and the principal Spanish banks, construction companies, real estate developers, investment funds and family offices, in 2016 Clearwater created a dedicated off-market real estate department. This group focuses exclusively on identifying and analysing the numerous "off-market" opportunities in Spain presented to us on a daily basis.  Opportunity, agility and absolute confidentiality set the standards of our Modus Operandi.


Clearwater Off-Market department is divided into two areas:


1. The direct investment area in which Clearwater directly acquires the real estate asset in its entirety or in a determined percentage.


2. The advisory area to facilitate for our clients the acquisition of unique opportunities given their location, price, and projected profitability.


In both cases we focus our effort on the following  types of properties:






           Once identified as "viable" our methodology is as follows:Once we identify a property as viable,



  • Clearwater seeks in this department to provide in all cases an exclusive, agile and high quality service in which confidentiality is paramount above all else.

  1. Legal Study of the Property and then seller(s).
  2. Verification of urban planning situation. Special attention to the licenses.
  3. Study, if applicable, of possible lease or management contracts.
  4. Possible bank and / or private debts of the property and personal verification with the bank.
  5. Verification and development of possible litigation and / or judicial or extrajudicial proceedings in progress.
  6. Report on the possible taxation of the operation.
  7. Execution of a business plan to five years.
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